Combatting Fraud and Monitoring Risk with Forensic Open Source Intelligence Solutions

We provide Open Source Intelligence Solutions to Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Debt Collectors. We enable them to Detect Fraud by Providing Instant Risk Scores and to Identify People including their Network using our proprietary Proven Forensic Technology.

Know Your Customer

Prevent criminal and fraudulent customers from entering your client base and stay compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. By using top-tier forensic technology in your Due Diligence process you are activating targeted data from the Internet and turning it into unique risk information.

Traditional and current KYC and AML practices have proven to be insufficient and regulators do not accept cursory customer due diligence or a degree of willful ignorance. Banks now risk tremendous reputational damage, huge fines and even the possibility of having their license revoked when they don't have thorough Customer Due Diligence and Anti- Money Laundering processes in place.

With our KYC-solution we bring top-tier technology from the world of Law Enforcement to the fraud-detection teams and systems of financial institutions. By using Open Source Intelligence technology, our solution makes all public available information actionable in order to find risk indicators like criminal activity, fraudulent behavior or any direct or indirect relation with people from sanction lists, pep-lists, and other watch lists from all over the world.

Especially in an increasingly competitive environment whereby the speed of bringing a customer on board is key, our solution can play an important role in facilitating and speeding up the client acceptance processes from several days to potentially just minutes.

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Claim Fraud Analysis

Between 10 to 20% (depending on the region) of all reported insurance claims has a degree of fraud, as from an exaggeration of the damage or misrepresentation of stated facts to being a staged incident or complete false claim, sometimes organized by sophisticated criminal organizations. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that U.S. insurers lose $80 billion annually to fraud. Claim fraud has become an integrated norm in many societies, partly driven by the low likelihood of being caught due to information asymmetry in the advantage of the claimant and costly investigations with relative low succession rate for insurance companies.

With our Claim-Analysis tool we bring top-tier technology from the world of Law Enforcement to the fraud-detection teams and systems of Insurance Companies. By using Forensic Open Source Intelligence technology, we investigate claims by verifying stated information with public online sources from all over the world, and investigate involved subjects to find any type of indication of criminal or fraudulent behavior or any suspicious connections within their network.

This enables insurance companies to automatically filter possible fraudulent claims in an effective way, which significantly reduces investigation costs, accelerates process times and decreases fraud losses.

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Debt Collection

Around 80% of all individuals with debts that have been outstanding for sixty days or more are labeled "unreachable". The most common reasons are outdated contact details, illness or other means that prevent the debtor from responding to any form of communication. The implication is that society is left with a huge amount of debt which one way or another will be collectively paid by others.

Debt collection is the process of collection an amount that is owed by an individual who is not forthcoming in paying that debt. Our solution enables debt collecting companies to identify and locate debtors who are sometimes intentionally difficult to find. Via our Open Source Intelligence technology, we are able to find updated and additional contact information like phone numbers, physical and email addresses, Skype profiles and much more. Our specialized forensic technology, provides access to a broad range of online sources like phone directories, registers and a number of international sources. We are able customize our technology based on the type of organization and the location in order to be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Our solution enables debt collectors to quickly gather and update current contact information of non-responding and defaulting debtors. The resulting information allows for a quicker collection process enabling the debt collector to collect the outstanding debt.

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The Darknet Search Engine

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organisation, country or city.
Is the Darknet still a blind spot for your organisation?

We continously monitor, harvest and structure data from Tor Hidden Services and popular Darknet markets into actionable intelligence and make these indexed datasets available to Law Enforcement, corporates and (local) governments.

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Expertise / Technology

We understand that many organizations have unique information needs. We combine our expertise and our proprietary technology in specialized projects to deliver customized solutions to combat fraud and monitor risk around the globe.

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Our expertise


Our intelligence team has years of experience in running OSINT investigations together with international law enforcement agencies and NGO’s.

We have gained in-depth domain knowledge on topics like Fraud Analytics, Know Your Customer (KYC), Darknet trading, crypto currencies, as well as experience with privacy regulations and the legal boundaries.

Technical expertise

Our data experts and software engineers know how to handle huge streams of unstructured data, design and build text and visual extraction algorithms, train machine learning models and turn bits and bytes into actionable intelligence.

We have technical expertise on the workings of the Web, Social Media, the Tor network and popular open source big data technologies.



The Intelligent Risk Information System (IRIS) offers customizable, high quality and automated open source investigations dedicated to KYC, fraud and risk assessments for high volume use cases.
IRIS investigations include intelligence from Social Media, Web, third-party APIs and unique reference sets like the Darknet.

IRIS solutions are cloud-based and the IRIS API integrates seamlessly with your existing client information systems or case management system.


Voyager Falcon offers large scale web crawler technology for collecting and monitoring clear web and darknet sources.

Voyager Apollo is an extensible analysis framework for structuring vast amounts of online data into entities and relations. Including a wide collection of extraction plugins for text, geo and image data. Apollo publishes data into search indexes and graph databases.

The Voyager JEDI User Interface delivers a full featured search engine to explore indexed and enriched data. It includes multi-faceted queries and drill-downs, dashboards, graph visualisations, bookmarks and alerts.

We can also provide a custom user interface that works as a full featured search engine to explore the indexed and enriched data. It includes multi-faceted queries and drill-downs, dashboards, graph visualizations, bookmarks and alerts. This can be used by your analysts as a stand-alone investigation or analytics tool.

Industry Partners

We partner with major cloud providers and support standard industry IT solutions, so please inform at your preferred supplier if our solution has already been implemented.

About us

Web-IQ Business is a Dutch company with offices in Spain, Greece and Canada. Our staff is made up of engineers, programmers and analysts who are experts using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for forensic investigations. We have a total over 25 years of experience in developing global internet intelligence solutions for Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and NGOs. We use our expertise to develop systems to combat fraud and provide risk intelligence for financial institutions, insurance companies and other high-risk organizations.

Our technology is initially developed for Law Enforcement Purposes and is, among others, used by:

HomeOffice UK
Ministry of the Interior NL
FedPol Switserland
Hellas Police
Policía Nacional Colombia
Dutch National Police
Municipality of Groningen NL
Municipality of Rotterdam NL
Municipality of Leeuwarden NL
Municipality of Utrecht NL
Carro Ltd
Space Hellas


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